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Metal Door Frame Roll Forming Machine


AC asynchronous frequency conversion door machine is usually referred to as frequency conversion door machine. Its composition is mainly divided into three parts: frequency conversion door machine control system, AC asynchronous motor and mechanical system; elevator frequency conversion door machine has two kinds of motion control modes: "speed switch control mode" "Encoder control mode"; "speed switch control mode" can not detect the moving direction, position and speed of the car door, only the position and speed open-loop control can be used, resulting in relatively poor control accuracy and smoothness of the door machine movement process. Not very good, so use the "encoder control method". There are now specific elevator door drive inverters available on the market.

What are the types of elevator door machine inverters?

Different according to load motor and power: there are mainly several cases

AC asynchronous motor (frequency three-phase asynchronous motor)

Using VVVF variable frequency control technology (VVVFtechnology)

AC permanent magnet synchronous motor and AC permanent magnet synchronous motor for door machine can realize direct drive of elevator door

At the same time, in addition to the difference between synchronous and asynchronous, there is a difference in positioning methods: there are encoder positioning and position switch positioning.

The commissioning of the elevator door machine inverter needs to understand the specific meaning of the door machine parameters.

Part of Chinese meaning of door machine parameters

PROF=2 default factory set value unit meaning

START OPEN SPEED 7 5 HZ Opening speed

STOP OPEN SPEED 6 5 HZ Stop opening speed

OPEN STOP POINT 120 140 mm reaching the open stop point

OPEN STOPPOINT-2 160 160 mm reached open stop point 2

START OPEN DIST 10 30 mm Start opening distance

STOP CLOSE SPEED 3.0 4 HZ Stop closing distance

CLOSE STOP POINT 120 150 mm Reaching the closing stop point

CLOSE STOP POINT-2 150 150 mm Arrival closing stop point 2

NUDGING VELOCITY 10 10 HZ Forced closing speed

OTHER=3 VOLTAGE BOOST 15 20 % Motor parameter, increased voltage at low frequency, high torque at start/stop. Should be set to 20 PASSENGER PROTECT 10 20 % passenger protection sensitivity

TCI WITH BS7255 0 0 1=Car door inspection is effective at the beginning

END=4 MAX OPEN SPEED 35 30 HZ Maximum door opening speed

MAX CLOSR SPEED 25 26 HZ Maximum closing speed

MAX OPEN SPEED-2 40 40 HZ Maximum opening speed 2

MAX CLOSR SPEED-2 30 30 HZ Maximum closing speed 2

START CLOSE SPEED 6 6 HZ starts to close the crawl speed

INITALIZE SPEED 12 10 HZ Maximum initial running speed

START CLOSE DIST 0 0 mm Start closing the crawling distance

ACC DIST OPEN 60 60 mm door opening acceleration distance

ACC DIST CLOSE 60 60 mm closing speed

DECEL DIST OPEN 60 60 mm door opening speed

DECEL DIST CLOSRE 60 50 mm closing speed

RAMP DOWN TIME 300 300 Ms Maximum crawl time

REVERSAL TIME 100 100 Ms reopening delay

F(U=100%) 40 40 HZ motor parameters,

TORQUE-LIMIT 10 10 % torque limit, reducing voltage when turned off.

OPD IDLE VOLTAGE 20 20 % open door idle voltage

CLD IDLE VOLTAGE 10 20 % OFF idling voltage

NUDGING VOLTAGE 20 20 % forced closing voltage

OPEN PROTCT TIME 30 30 S open door protection voltage

CLOSE PROTCT TIME 30 30 S Door protection voltage This is the function of the door machine inverter

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